The Other Plans: the genesis of a play by Sarah Hunt and Catherine Bray

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The Colour House Theatre

The Colour House Theatre

On April 25th, Spearshaker Theatre posted the following brief on the Arts Council mailing list:

After sell out shows at Tara Arts and The London Theatre, Spearshaker are returning with with a five night run at Abbeyfest in August 2013 and we’re looking for a play with an all female cast to fill the full five night slot.

We’re looking for plays with the following brief:

– 60-90 minutes in length.
– All female cast.
– Maximum 4 characters.
– Characters aged between 18-30.
– Basic set, lights, props, costume.
Comedies, dramas and everything in between will be considered.

This is an excellent opportunity for a writer to showcase their work as part of a large festival.

Please send scripts with a short synopsis and a bit about yourself to admin[at] by 22nd May 2013.

So I emailed my housemate, Sarah Hunt:

Hey… could we write something for this by 22nd May? Bearing in mind I’m going to France on the 14th so we have, like, 19 days? Yeah, I thought it was a bad idea.

Like the star she is, Sarah replied saying of course we could write a play from scratch in just over a fortnight – no problem! We sat down and developed four characters, worked out what might happen to them all over ten years, divided the scenes up, wrote them, swapped, re-wrote them, swapped, re-wrote some more, and eventually submitted the script to Spearshaker. At no point did we think too hard about whether it was mad to cover ten years in 90 minutes on stage. And after not too long, director Kate Murphy got in touch to say she would like to produce our play. It was the first play either of us had written (unless you count Murder Mystery evenings, which you definitely should) and we are incredibly excited to see what Kate and the actors she cast have made of it.
Come and find out with us, why not?

Here is where you can book tickets:


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